Sunday, 24 January 2016

Winter games

Feeling pretty balanced at the moment. Work is demanding but stimulating and I've had a good couple of weeks training with a highlight on variation. And my family is like always a fantastic haven. A few good gym passes now concentrating on squats and learning how to do them technically correct, a few good Monark intervals at home, where I am starting to diverge a bit from my standard 4x4 or 2x20 intervals with more intense 6x30 s and in-between 3x8 intervals; makes it a bit more fun.

Virtual winter

I've spent lots of time on the lake skating. They have cleared the snow on a 20 km route, which I've skated a few times. It ook me 45 minutes today, which I have no Idea how good it is, but it felt like a really "flowy" skate with a nice consistent exertion level throughout. Great fun!
Autobahn Drevviken

I have also fitted in a couple of runs and of course been riding to and from work almost every day. Which is sometimes more technical thena endurance training this time of year but quite fun when hands don't freeze even though it's -13 in the mornings... My bike is getting a bit punished in the slush and salt though, so a few good sessions of love and attention are always good in winter!
Sparkling and shiny and ready for Monday

To finish off a great week of activity I went proper skiing in Flottsbro with our children all day today. Felt like a little kid playing on the slope, dreaming of the alps and not at all bothered that half of Stockholm was there, but I completely forgot to take photos. Luckily children have their phones out all the time!
Family fun. Selfie courtesy of Johanna.

Life is pretty good sometimes :-)

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