Sunday 31 January 2016


Just can't get enough of this! Out both yesterday and today skating the whole lake on fantastic ice. About 15 cm with a thin cover of water yesterday, reflections giving an illusion of skating on the sky. this layer was frozen today forming a hard dance floor. Alot of real skaters laugh at our Drevviken and skate mainly on Mälaren or in the Skärgården. But for me its close, safe and on days like this quite magical.
Walking on water

Strangely enough alot less people out when it's this fantastic and open, than when it's all snowy with just a restricted (although long) ploughed track. A bit of a sheep mentality; if there are lots of people out there then lots of people dare to. Skated with my Garmin for the first time today and this track ends up being 23.4 km, with a bit more shorehugging it could maybe be close to 25 km. Cool! And I skate about 20km/h, which I had no idea about before today :-)


I started the day off with 3x8 Monark intervalls, so cycling isn't being ignored. But while I can play winter games I'll prioritise that for training variation. Plus intervals and rides to work. And maybe the odd longlong ride...


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