Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Steady state

I've had a good holiday with a training load I'm happy with, although not quite the 1000 km I was dreaming of. Sometimes life just doesn't intend for us to be on a bike all the time. Now back to work which is good, challenging and fun although trying to avoid stress situations has already knocked off a few vaguely planned training sessions. But that doesn't actually matter because my tactic is to just fill every single gap in my calander the next few weeks with a training session so that in the end a pretty good proportion actually eventuate :-)

I am in a bit of a steady state phase of training in between adventurous, really long rides, which I will try and do at least once a month during winter. I have continued to get to know by Bianchi Zurigo CX and am getting more and more comfortable with it even in the last few days' pretty tough winter commuting conditions.
Adventure commuting

A really exciting factor in my motivation bank is that I registered for Sverigetempot again and have been almost shaking with anticipation since then. Even though it's only January!

Mum, that's not really very far, is it?

But there's work to be done before then and, apart from about 2 hours commuting a day in tough conditions, I seem to manage to get in a gym session or two every week, concentrating on legs and trunk/stability while trying to avoid easy muscles in my upper body, although they just seem to pop up anyway... And intervals inside on the Monark hopefully 3 times a week while normal distance rides are a bit hairy.
Standard indoor fun instead of four mountain climbs

So basically a good training period with no major highlights. Although tomorrow night we are having an Ötzi get-together and those sort of events have a tendency of pulling silly long-winter-ride ideas out of me so we'll see what happens!

Until then I'm happy plodding along and am enjoying the variation this hard winter provides in cycling.
Good Morning World! -8 this morning with down to -20 forecast the next few days



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