Saturday, 23 January 2016

Mountain biking
Lots of friends have for a long time been riding something called Jotunheimen Rundt ( in Norway since I've started cycling in Sweden. Like Ari (the sour Finn) about 100 times, Jonas who took it as a sight seeing tour, Johan (bigmollo) a few times and then Calle (mollo's brother, but also my brother in arms in two PBP's) who rode it once and broke the Swedish record while he was at it. And apparently I've just registered for it...
It's a 430+ km ride over lots of spectacular mountains on the 1st July this year and fits in perfectly as a final hard ride before Sverigetempot for me: I need the mountain part so that I can get rid of the uphills in Sverigetempot without wasting all my energy, which was my feeling last time. The ride looks like this:

Messy 4x4 intervals? Or a couple of mountains?

It's a huge otivation to have a completely new ride to look forward to! Riding epic rides together with the two Mölleborn brothers is always a highlight.

Norway, here I come!


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