Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Overkill Kick-Ass Commuting

My Pearl is finally getting a thorough look-over prior to travelling to Australia with me in a few weeks. So today I mixed it with all the other morning commuters on the fastest bike south of Stockholm :-) I will take it to Jan at Norvelo after work so that it's ready for scorching, long training rides in New South Wales soon!

In the ghetto.

Another dawn. Look out Stockholm, here we come!

Sorry mate; feels like caging a tiger :-( Grrrrr....
A riproaring fast commuting ride. Overkill Kick-Ass style :-)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

A New Dawn

A new start to proper training.

Believe it or not I am still alive! A motivational dip during summer after Sverigetempot meant that I didn't ride much and wrote here even less. The rugged autumn weather has got me going again though and am loving being on my bike. Work and children's sports have however, meant that it's been hard to fit in longer rides. But today I decided to pull my thumb out and get out early for my standard 90 km Södertörn ride. This I will count as the start of my training for Vätternrundan (which I have apparently registered for in a sub 7 hour group, help!) and PBP 2015 :-) A new dawn in my cycling life.

The ride was great! Very windy, which was against me at te start but from about halfway it was behind me and I enjoyed long stretches of flying along at 40-50 km/h, alone on the roads on a beautiful morning. I wasn't sure how the legs would be after weeks of only riding to and from work. These rides have been quite structured with intervals etc though, and obviously quite effective as my time today was one of the fastest for this ride. Phew...

Inviting, empty roads. Leading me where, I wonder?

I will just finish off with praising my Airborne Torch, titanium bike which I probably write far too littel about. But while the Klein is being spoilt by Markus at Alviks Cykel prior to winter escapades, and the Pearl is sulking in the living room waiting for a trip to Australia, the Torch has taken me backwards and forwards to work for weeks, day after day regardless of weather. And also looked after me today. An awesome bike!
Heavy Metal.

I am looking forward to lots of autumn riding now and getting going on the Monark at home as well. Combined with a run every now and then and better discipline with gym visits this will constitute my training the next few weeks.

And I promise to keep you more updated!