Saturday, 9 January 2016

Ice age

After a few weeks of cold weather Drevviken is frozen and I have tried it out on skates a couple of times. Today Liam wanted to try crosscountry skiing and after digging out all the stuff from way way back in the attic, we trudged down to the lake together for an afternoon adventure. The sole of his skiing shoe came off before he even started, but luckily we had his skates with us as well. He did surprisingly well through 10 cm, quite heavy snow.Good effort mate!

I had it easier and after a few shaky minutes really loved the beautiful flowing movement of skiing. Well that's what it felt like anyway. It probably looked more like Magnus Samuelsson using all his strongest man on earth muscles to pull one of those really big tyres, heaving and huffing and puffing to get a few centimeters further...

First tracks

Toasty warm hands not only when riding

MAMOD: middle aged man on Drevviken

After a random tour across the lake to Tyresö, Badudden and back again, we returned to Mattis' place in the forest to a surprise welcome reception with Matti and a big warm fire in fromt of his winter hut.

Aprés ski, Matti-style

It was so much fun that I hope I find a longer slot tomorrow for a longer ski. I was even more stimulating than the nausea accompanied 4x4 intervals on the Monark early this morning... Feel like I'm worth that beer in the bath now.

Let the Ice age continue!


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