Friday, 15 August 2014

The joys of pointless cycling.

Hi, remember me?! It's been a month now since I last scribbled something here. I had no real further ambitions for the cycling year after Sverigetempot. In fact I was sort of looking forward to an autumn of not even feeling like riding after that. But failing with my major goal of the year had the opposite effect; I've been itching to ride!

After a longer conference trip in the USA straight after Sverigetempot, our family drove around Sweden a bit on holidays. I had the bike with me and just went for spontaneous rounds when it was sunny and when I felt like it. In this way I ended up with some great rides between 70 and 100 km in Bergslagen and on Öland.

This is what bike care should always look like. A balmy evening on Öland. I might have gone for a ride the next day. Or not.

All previous years we have still been on holiday when Fredrikshofs Mälarenrunt, a 325 km ride around a lake has been on. But now I had to be back at work, the family was still on hoildays and I had no reason not to enter. I did so spontaneously and was even invited to be one of the captains of the "berserk" group :-) We did the name proud and rode like idiots on a really hot day and I had a ball! There are some photos on Mälarenrunt's homepage (me on page 2 - not sure I deserved the extra mention for pulling hard: everyone in the group was strong!). More on this ride also on bigmollo's blogg - so I don't need to say any more.

Now, even riding to and from work all week has been great. Today I could leave a bit early and instead of planning a long structured training ride, I just rode off in the sun to give the legs a bit of a workout and actually enjoy the lovely Södertörn scenery.

With a sparkle in his eyes.

I don't often stop here for 40 minutes on my rides! A big fat sandwich at Rosenhill Café.

Everytime I ride here I feel like stopping to take a picture of the sexy curves in this road. But normally it's in the middle of record attempts on Happy Rosenhill Challenge. Today I stopped.
Fast wheels, fast road,  intermittently fast legs.

The funny thing was that I road some parts faster than ever before anyway. And collapsed in between. Once again riding like an idiot and loving it :-) I got home happy and walked around for hours with frizzled legs.

How can  sitting on a piece of carbon with a bowl on my head and spinning my legs around in circles make me so happy?

No, don't tell me, that might spoil it.